Don Miguel Ruiz exquisitely shares some practical ‘Toltec’ wisdom about how to attain personal  freedom in life. This entails adhering to the following four simple rules, which he calls ‘agreements’:

  1. Being impeccable with our words;
  2. Not taking anything personally;
  3. Not making assumptions;
  4. Always doing our best.

Easier and ‘common’ it may sound, but I believe implementing these in our lives are very challenging and demands constant effort. If one scans through the above list once more, and think deeply for a while, one will have the ‘Ahh-you-are-right’ feeling. I really enjoyed this ‘Wisdom Book’, because it made me ponder over some fundamental but always-forgotten ‘mantras’ of life. Are you ready to join in this adventurous journey of ‘personal freedom’? Let’s give it a shot! 🙂