Research Papers

[* indicates co-first authorship]

A. Statistics – Theory & Methods


Yao*, W., Nandy*, D., Lindsay, B. G., and Chiaromonte, F. (2019). Covariate Information Matrix for Sufficient Dimension Reduction, JASA, 114(528), 1752-64 (DOI:


Nandy, D., Chiaromonte, F., and Li, R. (2021). Covariate Information Number for Feature Screening in Ultrahigh-Dimensional Supervised Problems, To appear in JASA (DOI:


Nandy, D., Ghosh, D., and Kechris, K. (In preparation)

Distance correlation enhances the performance of several eigen-analysis based multiple-testing correction methods



Nandy, D. and Chiaromonte, F. (In preparation)

A data-driven diagnostic for active set thresholding in ultrahigh-dimensional feature screening


Dekermanjian*, J. P., Shaddox*, E., Nandy, D., Ghosh, D., and Kechris, K. (2022). Mechanism-Aware Imputation: A two-step approach in handling missing values in metabolomics, To appear in BMC Bioinformatics

B. Applied Statistics Scientific Collaborations


Nandy*, D., Craig*, S. J. C., Cai, J., Tian, Y., Paul, I. M., Savage, J. S., Marini, M. E., Hohman, E. E., Reimherr, M., Patterson, A. D., Makova, K. D., and Chiaromonte, F. (2021)

Metabolomic profiling of stool of two-year old children from the INSIGHT Study reveals links between butyrate and child growth at age 2 years, Pediatric Obesity, 17(1); DOI:


Nandy, D., Yang, X., Jin, X., Griffin, L., Xing, F., and Kechris, K. (Under Review)

MRI data harmonization across sites using ComBat enhances classification of meningioma and glioma brain tumors in dogs: a case study


Konigsberg, I. R., Barnes, B., Campbell, M., Davidson, E., Zhen, Y., Pallisard, O., Boorgula, M., Cox, C., Nandy, D., Seal, S., Crooks, K., Sticca, E., Harrison, G. F., Hopkinson, A., Vest, A., Arnold, C. G., Kahn, M. G., Kao, D. P., Peterson, B. R., Wicks, S., Ghosh, D., Horvath, S., Zhou, W., Mathias, R. A., Norman, P. J., Porecha, R., Yang, I. V., Gignoux, C. R., Monte, A. A., Taye, A., and Barnes, K. C. (2021), Nature communications medicine, 1(42); DOI:

Host methylation predicts SARS-CoV-2 infection and clinical outcome (Submitted)

C. Scientific Technical Reports


Nandy, D. and Dunning, A. J. (2015) Alternative Method for Vaccine Efficacy Curve, Sanofi Pasteur Clinical Biostatistics Technical Report

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